Connemara Family Office Management

Traditionally, independent family offices have been the province of the exceptionally wealthy. Staffed by a team of highly trained and experienced financial and retirement planners, these family offices provide centralized management and oversight for some of the world's most significant fortunes.

Now, many of the benefits of independent family offices are available to busy, successful households in the Washington, DC metropolitan region on a sensible, economical basis.

Enter Connemara Family Office Management. Founded by Thomas B. Conway, a practicing financial attorney and former private banker, Connemara Family Office Management is an independent multi-disciplinary professional family office management services firm serving Maryland (MD), Washington, DC and Virginia (VA). It is a true fiduciary with a clear mission: to educate and protect its clients in all aspects of personal and family finance while providing exceptional service. In the process, clients become better informed and more at ease, leading to more reasoned, thoughtful decisions. With Connemara Family Office Management as their advocate, clients regain valuable time and often uncover considerable cost savings.

Let Connemara Family Office Management help you. If you are in Maryland (MD), Washington, DC or Virginia (VA), call us today at 301.998.6595 for a free, no obligation consultation.

True fee only planning.

A Trusted fiduciary.

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